This assignment is to read pages 27-50 and answer the questions below:
GETTING READY FOR THE EXAM (book pgs. 27-32; CD #1, Track 1)
1. How many test questions for Technician? ____________
2. How many questions in the total Technician Question pool? _________
3. May the test wording be changed or modified? ____________
4. Passing score? ______________%
5. How many questions could you miss and still pass? _____________
6. You receive this paper when you pass? ____________________
7. The questions on the CDs and in the book have been ___________for faster and smarter learning. 
8. What color are key words to study before the test? ____________
9. Got a question? Call Gordo at this number: ____________________
10. How many exam questions on Rules? _______________________________
11. How many exam questions on math? _______________________________
12. How many exam questions on antennas and feedlines? ________________
13. Can exam questions be reworded? _________________________________
14. May numerical values in questions be changed on your test? ____________
ABOUT HAM RADIO & CALL SIGNS (book pgs. 33-50; CD #1, Track 2)
1. Minimum age for a ham radio license? ______________
2. Who regulates and enforces the ham service? ____________
3. Licenses are issued for _________________years.
4. Grace period for an expired license? ___________________
5. Give your call sign every _________________minutes.
6. Phonetic alphabet for H I ?______________________
7. Which language to identify your call sign? _________________
8. Which ITU region are we in? _____________________
9. May we send third party traffic to Haiti? __________________
10. Country call sign prefix for United Kingdom? __________________
11. Does the US have reciprocal operating agreements with The Netherlands? ___________
12. May you continue to transmit on an expired license? __________________
13. Call signs in the United States begin with one of these 4 letters? __________
14. Another name for your amateur radio apparatus? _____________________
15. Maximum power allowed to radio control a “quad-copter”? ____________
16. Call sign type with a single letter in prefix and suffix? (K7A) _____________
17. Required club members for a club station license? ____________________
18. Which call sign area for a license in Florida?__________________________
19. A call sign type when identifying as “Race Headquarters?”_______________
20. Who regulates ham radios aboard a US documented vessel on the high seas?________________________

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