This assignment is to read pages 119-144 and answer the questions below.
YOUR COMPUTER GOES HAM DIGITAL! (book pgs. 119-126; CD #3, Track 3)
1. Is Morse Code a digital mode? ____________________
2. The device connected between your transceiver and computer? ____________
3. What portion of your computer might decode digital signals? ______________
4. What does CW stand for?_________________________________________
5. A __________ ham station connects other ham stations into the internet?
6. What does VoIP stand for? _______________________________
7. What do IRLP and Echolink have in common? ___________________
8. Another name for fast scan television? _______________________
9. What does ARQ stand for? _______________________________________
10. Packet data signals may contain more __________________________when traveling over multiple or reflections?
11. What does GPS stand for? ________________________________________
12. What does PSK stand for? ________________________________________
13. Four letters that represent analog fast scan color ham television? ________
MULTI-MODE RADIO EXCITEMENT (book pgs. 127-135; CD #3, Track 4)
1. To operate satellite SSB, which emission mode? _________________
2. What emission has the narrowest bandwidth? __________________
3. We find a product detector in what type of radio receiver? _______
4. How wide is the SSB voice signal? _________________________
5. What does RIT stand for? ______________________________
6. The ability of a receiver to hear signals close together? __________
7. How wide is fast scan television? ___________________________
8. A fancy name for your new two-way radio? _________________________
9. The emission type for a handheld VHF/UHF radio? ____________________
10. For a base or mobile radio to transmit MORE modes than just FM, we call that radio?____________________________________________________
11. Which popular voice mode is used for long range 10 meter contacts?____________________________________________________________
12. Can you access the 10 meter band with a common 2 meter.70 cm handheld or mobile radio? ______________________________________________
13. Which has the narrowest bandwidth, FM or SSB? _____________________
14. What sideband do we use on 10 meters? ____________________________
15. What word describes combining speech with an RF carrier signal?_____________________________________________________________
16. An SSB signal is about 3,000 Hertz narrow. How many kHz is 3,000 Hz?____________________???? kHz
17. Are all mobile and base station mic connectors wired the same way? ________
18. What word describes the ability of a receiver to detect weak signals?_____________________________________________________________
19. What word describes a receiver’s ability to discriminate between multiple signals?_______________________________________________________
20. Should automatic gain control be set to FAST or SLOW for SSB reception?_____________________________________________________________
RUN SOME INTERFERENCE PROTECTION (book pgs. 137-144; CD #3, Track 5)
1. On 10 meters, if your mic gain is too high, it could create this. __________________.
2. On 2 meters, speaking too softly will create under-____________.
3. A whistle on your handheld tied in to your car’s 12 volts is likely from ______________
4. What type of filter would you use to minimize harmonic emissions on your high frequency transmitter? _________________________-
5. When your neighbor spots that new antenna, tell them it is ______________
6. What snap on device may minimize interference on audio equipment? ______________
7. What might be causing your transmit radio frequency interfering with your neighbor’s stereo network? ______________________________________
8. Using shielded wire will prevent _____________________of unwanted signals to and
from the wire.
9. A small weather station transmitter falls under which part of the FCC Rules?_____________________________________________________________

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