2012 Events

The Big Apple Traffic Net can once again be heard on the KC2RA repeater system!

The net is held each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 8:00 PM. The repeater will automatically join the appropriate IRLP reflector at 7:45PM, and will automatically disconnect at 8:45 PM, the net may also be heard on the following repeaters: KC2LEB (440.550, +5, PL 141.3). KC2GOW (445.125, -5, PL 141.3), K2CJP (145.410, -.6, PL 114.8), and of course KC2RA (146.430, +1, PL 136.5). Echolink access to the net is via node 132967 (KC2LEB/R).

If you would like to participate as a net control operator, or for more information on the Big Apple Traffic Net, please visit WWW.BIGAPPLETRAFFICNET.ORG.

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