Ham Radio Classes

This assignment is to read pages 19-43 and answer the questions below.

If you have any questions, we are here to help! Just reply to the list so we can help you. Do not send your answers to the email list, bring them with you to the class.


A LITTLE HAM HISTORY (book pgs. 19-24)

1. Ham radio has been around for ___________years.

2. First ham license issued around ____________.

3. What requirement has been totally eliminated from the ham radio test? _____________

4. When did the FCC restructure the Amateur service? ___________

5.  When did self-testing ham exams begin? _________________

6. How many grades of ham radio licenses? _________________

7. How many examiners to give you the Element 2 exam? ________

8. Can you jump over the entry level Tech test and go direct to the General Class test?____


GETTING READY FOR THE EXAM (book pgs. 25–30)

1.  How many test questions for Technician? ____________

2. How many questions in the total Technician Question pool? _________

3. May the test wording be changed or modified? ____________

4. Passing score? ______________%

5. How many questions could you miss and still pass? _____________

6. You receive this paper when you pass? ____________________

7. The questions on the CDs and in the book have been ___________

 for faster and smarter learning.

8. What color are key words to study before the test? ____________

9. Got a question?  Call Gordo at this number: ____________________


HAM RADIO AND CALLSIGNS (book pgs. 31–43)

1. Minimum age for a ham radio license? ______________

2. Who regulates and enforces the ham service? ____________

3. Licenses are issued for _________________years.

4. Grace period for an expired license? ___________________

5. Give your call sign every _________________minutes.

6.  Phonetic alphabet for H I ?______________________

7. Which language to identify your call sign? _________________

8. Which ITU region are we in? _____________________

9. May we send third party traffic to Haiti? __________________

10. Country call sign prefix for United Kingdom? __________________

11. Does the US have reciprocal operating agreements with The Netherlands? ___________

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