Your first assignment is to read pages 1-18 of your book, and answer the questions below.

Remember to use the Email list if you have any questions, your instructors are here to help you. Do not need to send your answers to the email list, bring them with you to the class.


GETTING INTO HAM RADIO (book pgs. 1–4)

1. How many hams worldwide? ________________________________

2. How many hams in the USA? _______________________________

3. How many questions on your upcoming Technician Class test? ________

4. How many bands will your new handheld radio have? _______________

5. What does ATV stand for? _________________________________

6. Ham radio is a hobby and __________________________________.

7. American Radio Relay League website: _________________________



1. Frequency range for HF? __________________________________

2. Frequency range for VHF? _________________________________

3. Frequency range for UHF? _________________________________

4. You have voice privileges on this worldwide HF worldwide band._______

5. Six meters, work the moon? _________________ MHz

6. Two meters, the most popular band __________________ MHz

7. How many meters is the 222 MHz band? _______________________

8. The 70 cm band is very popular! ____________________ MHz

9. What two bands in a dual band hand held? __________________

10. CW – only privileges on these three bands? ________________

11. Do this when you receive your call letters: Get on the ___________ !