This assignment is to read pages 44-68 and answer the questions below.

If you have any questions, we are here to help! Just reply to the list so we can help you. Do not send your answers to the email list, bring them with you to the class.


CONTROL (book pgs. 44–48)

1. Every transmitting station needs a _________________operator.

2. What type of control when using a handheld radio? ____________

3. Mountaintop repeaters normally operate _____________control.

4. May a Technician control op transmit on General Class frequencies? ________________

5. When may a control operator be “on the clock” while transmitting? _______________


MIND THE RULES (book pgs. 49–52)

1.  What part of the Rules covers ham radio? __________________

2. Prohibited transmissions? ________________________

3. How much power should you transmit? ______________________

4. May intentional SECRET code be transmitted over ham radio? ______

5. Normally, music is ____________________?

6. When may the FCC inspect your station? ____________________

7. What might result if the FCC can’t reach you by mail? _______________________________



1. What two letters stand for a radio emission? _____________

2. Radio waves are considered __________________.

3. Velocity of radio waves through free space? ________________

4. Unit of radio frequency? ___________________________

5. The abbreviation kHz stands for _______________________.

6. Frequency bands are usually called out in a ________________.

7. Frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional.  What is that magic number? ____

8.   52  megahertz is located in which meter band? ____________

9. 28.4 MHz is located in which meter band? ___________________

10.  146.52 MHz is located on which meter band? _____________________

11. 223.5 MHz is located on which meter band?____________________

12.   432 MHz is located on which meter band? ____________________

13. To go from METERS to MEGAHERTZ, or MEGAHERTZ to METERS the magic division number is ____________________.

14. 28.5 MHz is how many kilohertz? ________________________

15.  Ten meter worldwide voice privileges extend from 28.________ to 28.________MHz.


YOUR FIRST RADIO (book pgs. 63-68)

1. Get your radio pre_________________ by your local ham dealer or club.

2. Store favorite frequencies in your radio’s ____________________.

3. Don’t use a rubber duck inside your _______________________.

4. What type of modulation do we use for 2 meters and the 440 MHz band? ________

5. In noisy environments, hook this in to your handheld. _____________

6. What is the advantage of SSB over FM when working satellites? _________________

7. What device takes output on one band and produces output on another band? _________

8. The www for ham equipment reviews? ____________________