This assignment is to read pages 99-125 and answer the questions below.

If you have any questions, we are here to help! Just reply to the list so we can help you. Do not send your answers to the email list, bring them with you to the class.


OUTER SPACE COMMS (book pgs. 99-104)

1. How many miles above the Earth to qualify as a space station? ______

2. What does LEO stand for? _______________________

3. Signals that contain information about an on board satellite computer? _______________

4. What causes satellite signals to fade in and out? ________________

5. Compensate for this shift when the satellite is approaching. _______

6. In the V/U mode, what band do you transmit on? _____________

7. How much power should you use when transmitting to a satellite? __________

8. AMSAT’s website to join them? ________________________


DIGITAL (book pgs. 105-111)

1. Is Morse Code a digital mode? ____________________

2.  The device connected between your transceiver and computer? ____________

3. What portion of your computer might decode digital signals? ______________

4. What does “BER” stand for? _____________________

5. A __________ ham station connects other ham stations into the internet? 

6. What does VoIP stand for? _______________________________

7. What do IRLP and Echolink have in common? ___________________

8. Another name for fast scan television? _______________________


MULTIMODE RADIOS (book pgs. 112–119)

1. To operate satellite SSB, which emission mode? _________________

2. What emission has the narrowest bandwidth? __________________

3. We find a product detector in what type of radio receiver? _______

4. How wide is the SSB voice signal? _________________________

5. What does RIT stand for? ______________________________

6. The ability of a receiver to hear signals close together? __________

7. How wide is fast scan television? ___________________________


INTERFERENCE (book pgs. 120–125)

1. On 10 meters, if your mic gain is too high, it could create this. __________________

2. On 2 meters, speaking too softly will create under-____________.

3. A whistle on your handheld tied in to your car’s 12 volts is likely from ______________

4. What type of filter would you use to minimize harmonic emissions on your high frequency transmitter? _________________________-

5. When your neighbor spots that new antenna, tell them it is ______________

6. What snap on device may minimize interference on audio equipment? ______________