Ham Radio Classes

This assignment is to read pages 126-150 and answer the questions below.

If you have any questions, we are here to help! Just reply to the list so we can help you. Do not send your answers to the email list, bring them with you to the class.


ELECTRONS (book pgs. 126–135)

1. The name for EMF? ___________________________

2. The flow of electrons__________________________

3. The opposition to the flow of electrons__________________

4. What device stores a chemical charge? _____________________

5. Most ham radios require _____________volts for mobile operation.

6.  Measure current with this ___________________________.

7. __________________ is measured in series, and   ____________is measured in parallel.

8. A good conductor_____________________

9.  A good insulator_____________________

10.  The amount of voltage that comes out of you home socket_________

11.  A device that allows current to flow in only one direction_________

12. The unit of resistance_____________________

13. A variable resistance device_____________________

14. What device stores energy in a magnetic field? _________________

15. Which device stores energy in an electric field?

16. The unit of capacitance? _________________________

17. A device that turns on or off a circuit? ______________________

18. A device that might amplify a signal? _______________________

19.  FET stands for __________________


OHM’S LAW (book pgs. 137-140)

1. Draw 2 different types of Ohm’s Law Circles.  

2. Power equals ________ X __________.

3. Voltage equals ________X _________.

4. If you are calculating current, it is Voltage divided by _________.  

5. If you are calculating resistance, it is Voltage divided by ________.

6. In all of the problems, you are always dividing the larger number by the ______ number.

7. Could they ever substitute different numbers than what is in the book and on the audio course on your upcoming examination?____________


DIAGRAMS (book pgs. 141–150)

1. Draw the symbol for a resistor_______________________

2. Draw the symbol for a variable capacitor_________________________

3. Draw the symbol for an antenna__________________________

4. Draw a transistor symbol ________________________

5. Draw a chassis ground symbol __________________________

6. Draw a transformer symbol_____________________________

7. Draw a diode symbol___________________________________

8. Draw an LED symbol___________________________________

9. Doubling your power output results in how much db gain? ________

10. A ten times increase in power will result in how much db gain? _____

11. What does LED stand for? ________________________

12. How many watts are 500 milliwatts? ____________________

13. A cold solder joint looks like this___________________________.

14. What will happen if you measure voltage with your multimeter on the resistance scale?  ______________________________________

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