Effective Tuesday, February 1, 2011 The Big Apple Traffic Net will be held on the following frequencies:

Staten Island Repeater System - UHF Linked Repeaters:

KC2GOW/R 445.125 -5 (440.125) PL 141.3 SI South coverage to Southern & Western NJ
KC2LEB/R 440.550 +5 (445.550) PL 141.3 SI North coverage to Northern NJ & Long Island

ECHOLINK access to the net will be via KC2LEB/R Node #132967.

Please try these frequencies BEFORE the Net to determine the best one for your use.

As with all things, change is inevitable. The decision to make this change has been discussed with our NLI Section Manager Mike, N2YBB; NLI Section Traffic Manager Mike, N2BMU; and the Board Members of the KCRA.

The difficulty in maintaining a consistent Traffic Net schedule and a reliable means of passing traffic through a repeater, along with the decline in participation, were factors in deciding to move the Big Apple Traffic Net RF operating frequency. It is hoped that expanding the coverage and accessibility to the net will result in greater participation.

The Net will continue to be supported and sponsored by the Kings County Repeater Association and its membership. The Net will include the KC2RA repeater into the planned Repeater Linking Network as soon as necessary hardware upgrades are completed to the KC2RA repeater.

As amateur radio operators, we must adapt to the changes in technology and integrate them into our current practices to best serve the community as we have done in the past.

I wish to thank everyone who has helped in this project and those who participate in maintaining a reliable means of communication between Served Agencies and the Ham Radio Community.

Please visit our Website www.BigAppleTrafficNet.webs.com.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

     Many Thanks,


Big Apple Traffic Net Manager

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