Our first Bi-Monthly Elmering session begins on May 7th, 2013, registration is open to any new ham radio operator, or old-timer who may need a refresher.

This session is entitled: Getting On The Air, the basics. It is aimed at the typical Technician with a dual band HT. We will cover: Basic Radio Programming, Making a QSO, Checking into a formal "Net"
Bring your dual band HT with you! It can be used for all parts of this informal training session.
The following radios will be supported for free computer programming, as time permits, using a basic set of NLI section VHF/UHF repeater systems, and simplex frequencies:
Alinco DJ-G7, DJ-G29, DJ-V57
Baofeng UV-5R
Icom ID-31, ID-51, IC-80AD, ID-880
Kenwood TH-F6, TH-F6A, TM-V71, TM-D710
Yaesu VX-3R, FT-60, VX-7R
Wouxun KG-UVD1P, KGUV1, 2, or 3, KG-UV6D

In addition, a master file for the Chirp universal programmer will be available, please bring a USB drive with 4GB of free space. REMEMBER: If you choose to have your radio programmed, it's contents WILL be erased! Additionally, firmware updates are available for some of the Alinco and Icom radios.

After the basics of radio programming, we'll go over some of the on-air basics and make a few low power contacts. The we will all check into a formal structured net on UHF.

If you do not have a hand held radio, a limited number will be available for use during this session.

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