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The internet bandwidth to the WG2MSK repeater in NYC is via a Clear(wire) 4G modem, it has a tendency to lock up, loose signal and never re-acquire despite being less than 50m from their tower. I have been through their "tech support" and exchanged the modem several times.

Needless to say we found this very annoying and placed an electronic timer on it that would turn the modem off every two hours for one minute, not a very elegant solution to say the least. The other thing I tried was to write a series of scripts to be activated via D-Plus to control an APC Master Switch, this provided me with an endless source of frustration and many late nights. My wife finally removed the SNMP card from it and "politely" indicated I should find a simpler way to accomplish the goal.

Enter the USB PIC controlled relay.

The WG2MSK repeater is an open linking system. You may be asking yourself what this means.

At the time this article was written, there are no other D-Star machines in the area that allow you to choose which D-Plus reflector to participate in.

Most repeaters in the area stay connected to reflector 20A all the time (REF020A) , it’s a great reflector located in New Jersey. But let’s say you wanted to use the D-Star MegaRepeater reflector (REF001C), the London reflector (REF005A), the Australian reflector (REF003B), or even Southern California (REF012A), what are your choices?

You can purchase a DV-Dongle, DVAP, utilize an open Hotspot, or use an open linking repeater. For the purpose of this article we will focus on using an open linking repeater such as WG2MSK.

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