Field Day

Field Day (June 22-23rd) is almost here! Join the Kings County Repeater Association in a fun event fit for the entire family. Whether you’re a new ham, a seasoned one, studying, or just interested in the HF bands, CW, or some Digital modes Field Day is THE event to attend.  This year's event is extra special as we have much to celebrate with the clubs 45th anniversary, many successful ham classes, and new and improved repeater systems!

Join us and celebrate Amateur Radio with grilled meats, salads, cake, ice cream, and beverages. You are invited (but not required) to bring a desert or pot luck dish to share with others.

This event is open to both members, and non-members, all are welcome to join the celebration or partake of our Field Day station. Remember, We are a guest of this facility, and we would like to be invited back, so please be considerate, keep it neat and clean up your mess!

A special raffle (tickets are 2 for $5.00) with many prizes will also be available. Everyone is a winner!



Rain or Shine June 22-23 2013. Setup crew arrives at 8:30, festivities begin at 11:00, key down at 18:00 UTC (2 PM) until Sunday afternoon. Stop by anytime, even 2:00 AM!



NEW LOCATION! Camp Pouch - William H. Pouch Scout Camp, 1465 Manor Road, Staten Island, NY 10314


Talk in

KC2GOW 147.315 (+.6, PL 118.8)

WG2MSK 445.475 (-5 D-Star Digital) & D-Star REF020A

KC2RA 146.430 (+1, PL 136.5) is not reachable at the site but may be linked in.


Important notes

The only cell carrier with a barely usable signal on site is AT&T. Put another way, your cell phone will most likely not work at the site. You will most likely be unable to reach someone by phone at the site, use your radio. Internet access is limited, As such we will be unable to stream the event this year.


Further Information

Click here for a map and directions.

Click here for important information and mandatory requirements if you want to operate any radio on site.

Click here for more information on the raffle.

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William H. Pouch Scout Camp 1465 Manor Road Staten Island N.Y. 10314

We are located in the North-Parking-Lot by the Directors Office and Ranger’s house, directly across from the Jewish Community Center parking lot. We will be operating from the “Camporee” field.

This years site can support 5 stations indoors, with limited air conditioning. Outside will be the VHF and GOTA stations. There is plenty of outdoor space available!

 KC2RA 5A:

Who Band Mode Antenna Radio Power
Joe, N2TEE Charlie, KC2PED 2m SSB, FM, Sat      
Jim, KC2LEB 6m SSB Yagi   100w
Vinny, KB2PSI 10m SSB Yagi ? 100w
John, KB2RIF 15m SSB Vertical ? 100w
Gary, KB2BSL 20m SSB/Digital Yagi   100w
Andrew, KC2GOW 40m SSB/CW Yagi   100w
  80m/160m SSB/Digital/CW Dipole   100w

These are our starting bands, subject to change later in the day.


Station Requirements:

We will be using digital log submission for all stations. You must bring a Windows Xp (SP3) or later Laptop with working WiFi! Please check to ensure that your laptop is operating properly and is Virus free BEFORE you arrive on site. Ensure you know how to disable or add an exception to any firewall or security software you may be using. Ensure your computer account is setup with administrative privileges, as you will need to map a drive. Diagnosing laptop issues at the Field Day location will not be possible.


New Software

We will be using the new 4.0 version of N3FJP's ARRL Field Day Contest Log. This new version has been updated so it can work in both networked and standalone modes. Please install and learn how to use it before arriving at Field Day. Contact KB2BSL for the activation code. The software may be downloaded HERE. A tutorial may be found HERE. If you would like to know who you are talking to as you enter the call into the software, download US call data HERE.



Due to the close proximity of operating positions, operators will be required to bring a pair of headphones, remember some radios are 1/8" some are 1/4". Noise canceling is recommended.


Patch Cables/Band Pass Filters

Due to the close proximity of operating positions and antennas, stations will be required to use band-pass filters. The club will provide the filters for the five stations listed above, however you will need to bring your own short patch cable to use it. If you wish to setup your own station not listed above, please bring the appropriate band pass filter.


Voice Keyer

If your radio has a built in voice keyer, this is the time to use it! Set up a few recordings. Remember we are KC2RA, 5A, NLI.

This years Field Day raffle tickets are 2 for $5.00. Prizes include such item as club hats, club duffel bags, USB flash drives, and more!

Everyone is a winner: Get this sturdy aluminum pocket screwdriver with level instantly with every $5.00 raffle entry (Limit 2).

This raffle is open to both members and non members of the KCRA. Drawing will be held at 7:00 PM Saturday June 22nd 2013. You need not be present to win, but you will have to pick up your item at the next club meeting should you win. 100% of funds raised will be used to improve the clubs repeater systems.

The Big Apple Traffic Net will host a table at this years KCRA Field day location to inform what the NYS network can do in a time of need, and to solicit example traffic from the general public.

A special edition of the Big Apple NTS Traffic Net will also be held during Field Day this Saturday June 22nd at 8:00 PM (see link for frequencies).

During the net would be a great opportunity for your station to rack up some additional bonus points by sending your ARRL section manager a Field Day greeting.

To receive an extra 100 points send your ARRL section manager the following information using the National Traffic System:


  • Your club name
  • Number of participants
  • Field Day site location
  • The number of ARES operators involved with your Field Day operation.

The message MUST be sent during Field Day and a full copy included with your log submission to claim the extra 100 points.

Additionally, you may score an additional 10 points for every message you handle, send, or receive during Field Day, up to a maximum of 100 points. Originating a section manager message is not eligible for the additional 10 points. See the complete Field Day rules for full details:

Don't own a GPS? Forgot to write down directions? Can't seem to get anyone on the radio? See one of these signs? Follow it to our Field Day site!



New for this year, the KCRA now has signs that will be strategically placed along the roads leading to our Field Day site.

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