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New Radio Alert: Alinco DJ-G29 !

Alinco has been showing off one of the few new products at this years Dayton Hamvention, and boy do I think it will be popular!

The new radio is their model DJ-G29 HT it is a bit of an oddball that it covers both the 220MHz AND 900MHz ham bands. It is very similar to their very capable DJ-G7 with two fulltime independent VFO's with their own volume control, full duplex operation, IPX7 water resistant, and cross band repeater. Power output is 5w on 220 and 2w on 900.

Until now hams have had to resort to using commercial radios for 900MHz, often requiring modification and the use of questionable software. This radio is as easy to use as their 2m/70cm/23cm HT and like most amateur radios is easily keypad programmable with flexible repeater offsets.

Personally, I believe this radio will prove to be very popular, and is now on my must have list.

Click "Read More" to see some photos.

Pictures may be a bit fuzzy, I'll try to get better. Hi-Res will be posted when I have some more time.


Alinco gave out a very nice Pentel pen for filling out a survey. They were obviously trying to gage how much hams are willing to pay for a radio like this, and what demand would be.


ATTENTION! Those that wish to use our photos on their own site/board may do so PROVIDED they host the pictures themselves (DO NOT rely on us to serve the pictures up on your site, image hotlinking has been disabled due to abuse!) and provide credit and a link back to the KCRA website www.kc2ra.org.

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