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The UV-3R is a simple and easy to use radio, although programming software is available, if you have an 18 menu version it is not needed unless you wish to perform cross band splits.

Turn the radio on by pushing the orange On/Off button, the battery voltage will be displayed for a moment. To change frequency, simply pull the knob up and rotate it, the frequency will change in increments as set in the step menu (Menu 9), pressing the function key will cause the radio to step 1MHz at a time. Momentarily press the U/V button to switch between UHF and VHF.

If you wish to set up for a repeater, first tune to the repeaters output frequency, then momentarily press the Menu key, scroll to menu 2 and press the U/V button to enter it. Simply scroll to the PL or DCS code needed for the repeater and press the U/V button again to set it. Next scroll to menu 10, press the U/V button again and scroll to set the offset (remember the function key for 1MHz steps), press the U/V button again to return to the menu system. Next scroll to menu 11 and press the U/V button to set the Shift, scroll to the correct shift (0 + -) and press the U/V button. Now press the Menu button to exit the menu system. Key up and you should be on the repeater.

Next we will save the repeater selection to a memory location. First push the F key, then press the U/V key. A memory location should now be shown on the top left of the LCD display. Simply scroll to the location you wish to save in and press the U/V button to save it.

To toggle between memory and VFO mode hold the U/V key down for two seconds.

To adjust the volume, press the VOL button and scroll the knob to the desired level. Careful though, this setting wraps around.

To activate the flashlight, momentarily press the orange L/R button. Press it again to turn it off.

For the dedicated FM broadcast radio, press and hold the orange L/R button until the radio comes on, long press again to turn it off.

As I stated earlier, this is a very simple radio to operate.

For an explanation of the menu features, we turn to another YouTube video by Brick O'Lore.

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