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Much has happened in the world of D-Star over the summer, here are some brief highlights in case you missed any of it.

New Repeaters go live!

The Ramapo Rescue Dog Association went live with the K9RRD (port B) repeater on 444.750 MHz in Tuxedo Park, NY. Congratulations to Jim, K9GOD and his group!

The GABAMFKRA (No, I don't know what it means) group went live with the WD2NY repeater on 144.980 MHz (port C +2.5 MHz) and 444.2375 MHz (port B) in Hauppauge (Suffolk, Long Island), NY.

This article, including a sneak peak video of a new Icom radio continues, click "Read More"

WG2MSK Fully Coordinated

The KCRA's repeater in Brooklyn, NY received its coordination to operate on 445.475 MHz from MetroCor. Additionally, this repeater suffered an antenna loss and is currently operating on a reduced size/gain antenna. Now that frequency coordination has been approved, work will begin to replace that antenna and adjust the power level (upwards) to match the parameters of operation as indicated on our coordination application. Additionally, a new process has been installed to keep the repeater an open linking one (the only one in the area) and ensure it automatically returns to reflector 20A after a period of inactivity.

K2DIG Returns!

The Digital Interconnect Group was able to return the K2DIG system (445.475 MHz port B, 1293.0 MHz port A, and 1253.0 MHz Digital Data) to full functionality. Thank You Al, K1DO and Scott KB2EAR for all of your hard work. Additionally a twitter feed has been setup for K2DIG, follow them @K2DIG_NYC.

Icom announces an exciting new HT

During the show in Friedrichshafen Germany, Icom showed off its new ID-31 UHF D-Star HT. A quick rundown of the features include: Built in GPS, IPX7 weather resistance, micro SD card slot, slim design, less buttons and a directional navigation pad. Once the SD card is populated with data, the radio will automatically be able to show you a list of repeaters in your area (using the GPS position). Another feature that should be great news for our visually impaired friends, apparently Icom took notice that it's near impossible for a visually impaired person to use D-Star and the radio appears to have a full speech synthesizer built in. The radio also sports a CI-V interface. Icom has also said the IC-31 will be the easiest to use D-Star radio ever. A video from the Tokyo hamfest shows some of the features of the radio may be found below.

An Icom press release indicates the radio will be available in Japan during October for about 35,800 Yen.

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