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Chinese Dual Band Mobiles


Vero Telecom VR-6600

Vero helped make the Baofeng UV-3R popular at a great price point, expect more of the same if this radio gets to market!

Specs: (Spec Sheet)

Bands: 2m/70cm
Frequency Range (TX): 136-174 MHz 400-470 MHz
Frequency range (RX): 136-174 MHz 400-470 MHz
Dual Band/Dual Receive: No (Dual Watch)
Cross Band Repeat: No
TX Power: 1/5/50 watts VHF, 1/5/40 watts UHF
Memories: 128
Detachable Faceplate: No
Antenna Connection: Single SO (UHF)
Price Guess: $130-$150
Availability Guess: Fall 2012

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