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The Echo-IRLP club participation project has begun. Join us in the assembly of the new interface and supporting computer equipment! All it takes to get involved is to purchase at least one needed component (have it shipped to Felicia, KB2NYF),  most of the needed parts are under $20, with a few under $10. Participating members will be honored with a plaque placed in the repeater cabinet, and an article on the website and newsletter. After all components have been procured, we'll have several special meetings (for participants only) to put it all together. The deadline for becoming a participant is June 30th, 2011. Click "Read More" for the full details!


In the continuing effort to modernize the KC2RA 2m repeater (and rejoin the Big Apple Traffic Net), the club will be adding IRLP.

But don't we have Echolink already? Why yes, we do. IRLP is a different animal altogether, and the completed project will handle both IRLP and Echolink. Think of this as our 3rd generation Echolink node that extends the functionality of the repeater to also allow IRLP.

What the heck is IRLP and how is it different? Good question, but not one to debate here, take a look at the IRLP website for some common questions and answers.

This is a club participation project, as such:

  • All parts will be purchased and donated by members.
  • After all parts have been procured, a series of special meetings will be held to put it all together, for those that donated.
  • All members that donate will receive special acknowledgment on this article, a future article, and a plaque to be placed in the repeater cabinet.

Project outline:

1) Members will procure all needed parts. (Have them shipped to Felicia, KB2NYF)

2) Special meeting dates will be set.

    2a) Special meeting one, gathering of parts and assembly of computer by interested members that have donated (90-120 min).

    2b) Special meeting two, finish assembly and installation of Centos (linux), and bench test by interested members that have donated (90-120 min).

3) Installation at repeater site, members that have donated will be invited to participate (Limit four participants) (120-180 min).

Participating members may gain skills in building a computer with no moving parts, installation of a Linux operating system, configuration and use of IRLP, firewall configuration, and interfacing to a repeater controller.


Required Parts

Listed below are the parts required to complete this project. Feel free to purchase any parts on the list, even the least expensive items will be appreciated and gain you access to the special meetings. You are free to purchase the parts from any source, but it is important that no substitutions be made. Please use the comment form on the bottom of the page to communicate what part(s) you will be donating. Remember to have the item(s) shipped to Felicia, KB2NYF.


 Item Link Price Donated By
 Via C7 1.2GHz Fanless Motherboard (Jetway J7F2)  LINK  $39.99 Gary, KB2BSL
 Mini ITX Case  LINK  $20.00 Gary, KB2BSL
 1GB DDR2 Memory (Double density/Double sided)  LINK  $19.99 John, KC2UHA 
 Transcend 133x 8GB CF card (Hard Drive)  LINK  $19.29  Mike, N2BMU
 Transcend 133x 8GB CF card (Spare)  LINK  $19.29  Mike, N2BMU
 CF card adapter  LINK  $6.99  Zhang YI, HK China
 LPT 25 pin headder slot plate  LINK  $6.99  Jon, K2TCW
 OCZ Rally2 16GB USB thumb drive (to hold backups)  LINK  $22.99  John, KC2UHA
 50' shielded two conductor wire      Jon, K2TCW
 Cherry PS/2 Keyboard (NOT USB!)  LINK  $12.99  Jon, K2TCW
 Sunon Maglev frictionless 40mm fan   LINK  $11.99  Jon, K2TCW
 IRLP Interface Board  LINK  $188.00  Tom, KB2ORQ


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