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This year the club has once again chosen the South Beach Psychiatric Center located at 777 Seaview Ave in Staten Island as its Field Day site location.

This huge field, were the clubs mascot the wild turkey roams free, is located just minutes from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge and offers ample free parking, 24 hour facilities, more than enough room for even the longest of antennas, and is directly across the street from the beach.

RF wise, it's shaping up to be an exciting time on the air with antennas for all allowable radio bands between 160m and 6m scheduled to be installed.

SSB/AM/FM voice, CW, and most of the latest in digital modes including D-Star will be available for you to peruse or operate!

All equipment will be powered by emergency power sources such as batteries, solar, generator, and even fuel cells.

Don't worry if your license doesn't cover HF or even if you're not a ham and just interested in what all those wires are for, come on down, we got you covered! We'll show you everything you need to know and get you on the air!

Lite refreshments will be provided by the Kings County Repeater Association.

Our hours of operation this year (including setup) are from 8:30AM Saturday, June 25th until 11:00AM Sunday, June 26th, visitors are welcome stop by anytime.

For more information including operating setup, map, and directions, click "Read More"


The official KCRA mascots in action


If you would like to setup a station at field day this year, you must let us know ahead of time so the appropriate arrangements can be made, also please keep the following in mind:

  • You MUST supply your own coax, the clubs supply is limited.
  • All antennas need to be a minimum of 50 feet from the operations facility
  • Due to close quarters, headsets are a must
  • Do NOT eat the Turkeys....gobble gobble
  • Contacts MUST be logged in real time, bring a laptop with 802.11G wireless (Windows XP+, Intel OSX+, Linux with full GUI & Rdesktop are all fine)


The following is a list of confirmed stations:

Position Who Antenna Equipment
1 Club 15m Moxon Peanut Oil, Deep fryer
2 KB2RIF, John S9 vertical 80-6 HF Rig & Power Supply, assistive devices, Gravy
3 KB2PSI, Vinny NVIS 40&80 HF Rig, Batteries, Power Supply, Stuffing
4 N2BMU, Mike 6m dipole, Hamsticks & loops HF Rig x2, Power Supply x2, Tripod, 20' Mast, Cobbler
5 N2TEE, Joe 6m Moxon HF Rig, Power Supply, Vegetables
6 KB2BSL, Gary 160-6 OCF Dipole HF Rig, Digital Station, Power Supply, Solar, Fuel Cells, Server, D-Star, 40' mast, 4G, Cranberry Sauce

W2DON, Don

10/11m Firestick 10m Rig, Power Supply, Famous coffee


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If you would like to ensure a dirt free car, and remove any possibility of getting stuck in the mud, knocking over an antenna, or running over one of our mascots, please utilize the parking lot to the left of the field day site and walk down.


Want to take public transportation? Take the Staten Island Ferry and transfer to the S51 bus, exit the bus at Father Capodanno Blvd and Seaview Ave.


Please don't be accused of fowl play, the turkeys are protected wildlife.

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