2011 Dayton Photos posted

Select photos from Dayton 2011 are now posted, with more to come.

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Sewage issue forces bathrooms to close

An issue with the sewage system forced Hara officials to close the (somewhat) proper indoor bathrooms in the arena today, people in need had to walk across and out the lot to the already aromatic and clean (ha!) porta potties. This problem also dumped some foul smelling stuff over parts of the flea market, forcing some dealers to relocate and others to close up early. Sections of the flea market were closed off with fencing and caution tape. Several sewage repair and pump trucks, as well as a small backhoe did eventually arrive at the scene. It is assumed repairs are taking place. This problem was the but of many potty mouthed jokes throughout the Hara grounds. 

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New Radio Alert: Alinco DJ-G29 !

Alinco has been showing off one of the few new products at this years Dayton Hamvention, and boy do I think it will be popular!

The new radio is their model DJ-G29 HT it is a bit of an oddball that it covers both the 220MHz AND 900MHz ham bands. It is very similar to their very capable DJ-G7 with two fulltime independent VFO's with their own volume control, full duplex operation, IPX7 water resistant, and cross band repeater. Power output is 5w on 220 and 2w on 900.

Until now hams have had to resort to using commercial radios for 900MHz, often requiring modification and the use of questionable software. This radio is as easy to use as their 2m/70cm/23cm HT and like most amateur radios is easily keypad programmable with flexible repeater offsets.

Personally, I believe this radio will prove to be very popular, and is now on my must have list.

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FDIM Internet Streaming Information

Once again the 'Four Days In May' (FDIM) convention at Dayton will be streamed over the internet for those unable to attend.

To watch the stream go to - www.qrparci.org/fdimstream

Anything you see before 8am EDT on Thursday is likely to be a test (possibly showing seminars from FDIM 2010 including the Elecraft Q&A Session).

It's not just QRP, the DSP seminar should be of interest to SDR users and our keynote speaker is Nobel Prize winning physicist Joe Taylor K1JT (of JTxx mode and WSPR fame).

Here is a schedule of some of the main events (note all times are EDT, add 5 hours if in the UK) -

Thursday 19th May 2011

08:25 FDIM Opening Address

08:30 Dave Cripe, NM0S
The Plumbing Defined Radio

09:30 Jim Everly, K8IKE
Jay Slough, K4ZLE
Another Look at Crystal Radio

10:45 George Dobbs, G3RJV
In My Workshop

13:00 Joe Taylor, K1JT
Weak Signal Communication

14:00 Ward Harriman, AE6TY
Intro to DSP (without the math)

15:00 Chris Howard, WA4YG
QRP Kit Building For Youth

Friday 19th May 2011

19:00 George Heron, N2APB
SDR-Cube Transceiver

21:30 Rex Harper, W1REX
The World's first Buildathon
to be streamed over the internet

Saturday 19th May 2011

19:00 Gala Banquet
Award announcements expected
around 20:00

Other Activities

We may stream a fly-on-the-wall view of other activities on Wednesday
- Friday evenings.

Steve, G4GXL

D-Star repeater perm linked for Dayton

From Thursday, May 19th until Monday, May 23rd our D-Star repeater will be linked to Reflector 38 C the "Dayton Hamvention" reflector. During this period of time, user linking and repeater control will be disabled.

You mat listen to this reflector, no special equipment needed, by clicking here. LISTEN NOW

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