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As an added beniffit to our members, you may now conveniantly renew your ARRL membership at the same time.



Start or Renew my membership in the KCRA for one year at the current membership rate of $35.00*
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 KCRA Membership

Why not join one of the oldest and active clubs in New York City?

Simply add this item to the cart and checkout using American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or your PayPal balance!

Your membership or renewal will be effective as soon as you pay!

Membership cards will be mailed out, or you can pick it up at the next meeting.

You may still join or renew by mailing a check or money order along with the membership application (or pay in cash at a club meeting) to avoid this fee.

By joining the KCRA, you agree to abide by the KCRA by-laws, The KCRA's Repeater Operator's Guidlines, and applicable FCC rules. You also understand there are no refunds of membership dues, either in full or partial. Furthermore, you agree to be responsible and reimburse the club for any fees levied against the KCRA in connection with this transaction, up to the maximum amount permissible by law. These fees include (but are not limited to) NSF, bounced check, chargeback, dispute, payment in question, non existing account, and other similar charges.



KCRA Ornament $3.00 (Member Price){simplecaddy code=sornament}


KCRA Patch $5.00 (Member Price) {simplecaddy code=kcrapatch}

Limited supply, available in L or XL!

KCRA logo T-Shirt $8.00 (Member Price){simplecaddy code=logotshirt}

Limited Supply, available in S,M,L or XL!

KCRA I  Ham Radio T-Shirt $8.00 (Member Price){simplecaddy code=heartshirt}

            KCRA Messenger Bag $7.50 (Member Price) {simplecaddy code=kcrambag} 

KCRA Sticky Notes, 3 pads $2.00 (Member Price) {simplecaddy code=stickys}

KCRA Pocket Knife $5.00 (Member Price) {simplecaddy code=kcraknife} 

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