Technical Chairperson

We would like to announce the following changes to our KCRA repeater systems.


KC2RA 146.430 MHz +1MHz PL 136.5 Analog FM

 Thanks to the dedication, hard work, and heavy lifting of our repeater technical committee (Jim, KC2LEB; Vinny, KB2PSI; Gary, KB2BSL) our Motorola repeater and cabinet is now in place and operational!

This repeater has significantly better sensitivity and power output compared to our backup machine.

All members and friends of the KCRA are requested to help us test the repeater by checking in to our net at 8:30 PM Monday, May 16th.

Additionally, the paperwork to update our coordination of this frequency has been received and is pending by MetroCor.


WG2MSK 445.475 MHz -5MHz D-Star Digital

 This repeater has been re tuned to the new frequency listed. Coordination for the frequency is also pending, if it is not approved the frequency will change again.

Also, the repeater does not seem to be performing as well on this frequency. This could be due to some cable/connecter sacrifices that were made to get the 2m machine up and running, a programming mistake, or something else entirely.

I'll spend some time with it after Dayton to try and figure out why both receive sensitivity and power output seem to be down. In the interim, please do an echotest (UR= WG2MSK E) and let me know the results.

Remember, you may check our D-Star status page at any time to see what this repeater is up to.

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