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Your new PC is full of crap.

Yes, I said CRAP!  
Did you know PC manufactures are PAID to install software on your machine? Very little of that preinstalled software is there for YOUR benefit. That Google software on your machine, the various toolbars, Quickbooks Financial Center, Napster, Norton, Office 2007 trial, etc. The manufacturer got paid to place them on your computer. Why? Well they want you to buy the full versions or “Grow The Brand” of course. They can make $20-$30 extra per machine by doing this. Sony will sell you a computer with no crap on it, but you will pay an extra $50 for this privilege.
Since some of this software uses valuable system resources, can nag you to buy the full version, and possibly give you a false sense of security,  you should flush all the crap out of your system.
My first bit of advice would be to run The PC Decrapifier found at It can easily remove much of the crap placed onto your machine by the manufacturer. If anything is left try using the “Programs and Features” (Ad/Remove programs in XP) section in Control Panel.

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