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The Anti-virus that may have come with your computer is not free.

Most likely, the antivirus software that came with your computer will stop working after a period of 30 to 90 days.

Most people think they are covered for life and ignore the warning messages that the program is expired. It is important to have a antivirus/anti malware scanner on your computer. It is also important to test it so you know how it works and what the alerts look like.

I personally recommend the following commercial products:
ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4
Norton Internet Security 2010 or Norton AntiVirus 2010 . I do not recommend any Norton product prior to their 2010 release.
Webroot Spy Sweeper 2010 for spyware/malware only.
I no longer recommend AVG or McAfee for home use (McAfee NAI enterprise is OK though).
I personally recommend the following “free” products:
Avira AntiVir personal edition (Adware, but ads are shown only during updates), read everything carefully or you could end up buying it.
Microsoft Security Essentials (Youalreadypaidforitware) is my personal favorite. On many occasions it was able to remove the nastiest spyware/malware I hope you never see! Your computer MUST be able to pass Windows Genuine validation to install.
Your Bank, ISP, university, or employer may also be able to provide you with “free” Anti Virus security software.
Test your antivirus/malware software and know how it works.
You can download the harmless Eicar test virus from It’s good to know how you software will alert you should you run into a real virus.

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