2010 Events

We would like to invite the members, and friends of the KCRA to the Guild, for an informal gathering. Members of the board will be bring some of their favorite portable HF gear, and setting it up in the parking lot of the Guild.

Some of the interesting portable equipment we will be bring in are QRP radio/s, Portable Telescopic Mast/s, Outbacker & Tripod antenna mount, BuddyPole, Hustler Super RM resonators, Tape Measure Dipole, Slinky Dipole... to name a few  
This will be fun evening, and members are invited to bring their children, and friends that are interested, we will let them try to make some contacts.
If there are any questions, or you would like to bring a radio, please let Harvey KB2EA or myself know.
73' de KB2PSI

The closest train the the "Bay Ridge Ave" stop on the "R" line. Here is a map:


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