2010 Events
Monday it was freezing cold, snow on the ground, but an excellent day for an antenna test!  A friend, Joe N2TEE, and my self went to Miller Field to erect and test load a Slinky on 80m.  I didn't have a antenna tuner, so had to keep checking the SWR, and adjust the length...  It took to long to load it, and the Gateway Police came by and asked us to leave... next time I'm starting at sun rise!  After this we went to Joe's house and I worked 20m QRP with 10W and got OK with a "OutBacker" on a tripod.
Working out of the back of my car building the antenna, no gloves...
Slinky elements, support lines and fiberglass pole are in place.  Just prior to attacking the contraption to Joe's car.



Joe N2TEE volunteer's his vehicle for mast support duty.  Bottom of the fiberglass pole was kept from slipping by securing to lower frame pieces.  To keep it steady, we popped open the hood and secured it to the front crossmember.  The mast was lowered to take this photo and to make adjustments to the length of the (4) Slinkys.  Fully erected, the center mast is 30 feet.


73'de KB2PSI


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