2010 Events

Norton’s Point Lighthouse in Coney Island, Brooklyn N.Y.

Several members from the KCRA participated in the 12th annual International Lighthouse Lightship weekend on August 21, 2010 from the Norton’s Point Lighthouse in Coney Island, ILLW# US0091.
Those of you who were listening September 10th, on 40m SSB for the 911 special event station, KC2RA, transmitting from near the World Trade Center site, may have heard the recorded announcement my Father made:
“CQ CQ CQ This is KC2RA, the Kings County Repeater Association is honoring the memory of the 911 tragedy which occurred on 9/11/2001. This horrible attack on America should never be forgotten.  “WE WILL NEVER FORGET”… “
- Vincent Sr. WB2AAP/SK, 9/5/09.

Members and Friends of the KCRA
You are invited to the annual Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 14th at 7:00 pm

China Buffet
2626 Hylan Boulevard
Staten Island

There is a $10 charge per person. 
Please sign up under Event Registration.
You may pre-pay at the next meeting or at the door.

     At the KCRA, November 16th meeting we will build quarter wave ground plane antennas.  You will measure, cut, assemble, and take home an antenna in one of the following bands that you choose, 2-meter (144 Mhz), 1.25 meter (220 Mhz), or 70cm  (440 Mhz).  Using some simple math and a few inexpensive tools and parts, you should have yourself an antenna ready to operate and take home after the Tuesday KCRA meeting.  A quarter wave ground plane antenna can be used as a base antenna, back up portable antenna, emergency antenna or when lightning is flashing a good inside antenna to keep you safely on the air.

During this years holiday party at the New China Buffet in Staten Island on December 14th, the club will hold a raffle with lots of nice prizes.

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