For 2015 the KCRA has accepted the invitation to join WA2CP for Field Day activities. WA2CP is the official station of the Boy Scouts of America William H. Pouch Scout Camp

As usual, Field Day is a fun weekend and can expose you to HF, contesting, radios, and new operating modes, it is not a contest, no experience or license is required. The station will operate continuously, stop by any time during the event even 1:00 AM!

This year’s educational activity: An introduction to Apache Labs SDR radios. Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM.

Location: William H. Pouch Scout Camp, Camporee Field; 1465 Manor Road, Staten Island Directly across from the JCC


Talk-in: KC2GOW/KC2LEB linked repeater system: 440.550 +5 pl:141.3, 147.315 +.6 pl:118.5, 445.125 -5 pl:141.3, 53.830 -1 pl:136.5, 927.700/902.0375 pl:100.0

The telephone number for WA2CP is: 718-473-0737

10:00 AM Saturday June 27th until 2:00 PM Sunday June 28th. On Air at 2:00pm.

Things you need to know:

The location is publicly accessible.

WA2CP will be the call sign.

Merit badge counseling in Radio, Electricity, Electronics, and Digital Technology will be available. Scouts should arrive in uniform. There is a $1.00 facility fee.

A FREE licensing exam session will be held at about 7:00 pm Saturday, weather dependent.

Cell phone coverage at the camp is spotty at best, high speed internet is available.

Plenty of parking is available.

Controlled substances, alcohol, weapons (of any kind), off-road vehicles, untasteful clothing, and other such items and activities are strictly prohibited at the camp. Simply put, if an item you wish to bring is not kid friendly, don’t bring it.


Multiple stations will be available, if you wish to get on the air, you will have an opportunity. Additionally, you are free to set up your own station, but must adhere to the following requirements:

You MUST complete, possess and present a current and valid BSA “Youth Protection Training” certificate.

You may not set up prior to 10:00 AM

Non-resonant antennas such as G5RV’s and random wire are prohibited.

The use of a band pass filter is required, please bring your own.

Provide your own clean power source.

Bring a Windows 7 or later laptop with modern Wi-Fi for logging (Please familiarize yourself in how to disable your firewall and AV programs if you have them). Download and install the logging software before you arrive, the key will be provided on-site. All operators must computer log in real time.

Notify Gary, KB2BSL in advance (kb2bsl @

Food – Please read carefully

We all love food, this year in an effort to cut down on waste, cooking, and prep. Field Day will be catered from a local restaurant. Paid KCRA members that plan on attending will have the opportunity to choose an item from a menu in advance that fits their pallet best. Please check your Email for further information.