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Wouxun KG-UV920R Twinband Deluxe

This highly anticipated radio was announced in 2010, and for a long time now many hams have asked when the heck is it going to be available? Well the good news is this radio does indeed exist and was on display at the Hong Kong Electronics show in October 2011. I have even read a report (but unable to verify) of the radio being purchased in Hong Kong and Singapore. Additional pictures of the KG-UV920R from the Hong Kong Electronics show can be found on the website. If this radio lives up to the hype and it’s specs, it will be immensely popular!

Specs: (Spec Sheet)

Bands: 2m/70cm
Frequency Range (TX): 138-174 MHz 400-520 MHz
Frequency range (RX): 150-500 KHz, 500-2000 KHz, 2-30 MHz, 65-480 MHz
Dual Band/Dual Receive: Yes (Full Duplex)
Cross Band Repeat: Yes
TX Power: 5/25/50 watts VHF, 5/20/40 watts UHF
Memories: 999
Detachable Faceplate: Yes
Antenna Connection: Single SO (UHF)
Price Guess: $200-$240
Availability Guess: Summer 2012 (Possibly in time for Dayton)

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