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Baojie BJ-UV55

This seems to be a neat little radio (6 inches wide, 5 inches deep, and 1.7 inches tall). Interesting to note this radio does NOT have a built in speaker, some retailers are including one, the microphone does have DTMF. I also notice the lack of a heatsink.

Specs: (Spec Sheet, Advertisement)

Bands: 2m/70cm
Frequency Range (TX): 136-174 MHz 400-470 MHz
Frequency range (RX): 136-174 MHz 400-470 MHz
Dual Band/Dual Receive: Yes (Dual RX, not Full Duplex)
Cross Band Repeat: No
TX Power: 5/45 watts VHF, 5/35 watts UHF
Memories: 128
Detachable Faceplate: No
Antenna Connection: Single SO (UHF)
Price Guess: $160-$190
Availability Guess: Available now in some markets

More information on Baojie products may be found at:, Additionally if you are interested in becoming a dealer, please reference:


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