Greetings to all club members, Friends of the KCRA and fellow HAM’s!

All members and friends are welcome to or next meeting.  We will be demonstrating low power portable (QRP) and Emergency Field operations.  Joe N2TEE and I will be showing off our portable HF/UHF/VHF radios, antennas.  We will go over options for powering your station and distribution strategies.  For those not familiar with Anderson Power Pole connecters, procedures for proper crimping will be shown.  Examples of field capable antennas will be displayed as well and put to use for on-air demonstration purposes.  We will have a very interesting collection of different types of telescopic whips, tapped loading Coils, folded dipole and other antennas.  Members are invited to bring in their equipment for demonstration.

September 12, I will be doing a special 911 event from Governors Island using portable equipment. We will have two stations set up, one on 20M and 40M depending on band conditions, we may also be on 10m.  I will post what frequencies we are operating on at the end of this article during the event.  We will also be monitoring the KC2RA repeater.  I hope to be operating from sometime after 11:00 am until 3:30 pm.    

August 18th, we held our annual International Lighthouse & Lightship weekend at Coney Island on the grounds of the Norton’s Point Lighthouse.  It rained until around 10:00 am, but the rest of the day was sunny!  We did get in as much ‘air’ time as we hoped.  Gary’s WEB camera was in operation early in the morning showing our progress in setting up!  I made contacts with other Lighthouses from Old Fort Niagara NY, several from Canada, Maryland and other states using a simple homebrew antenna.  I would like to thank our guests that stopped by to support the club’s event, and make it more enjoyable.

Last month’s meeting, we had a special guest speaker, Jack KB2BCC, who shared his (30+) years of experience with test equipment, and best electrical practices.  Jack gave an excellent lecture, and put together a folder of CD’s, charts, and reading materials for us to look over. 

73’de KB2PSI, Vinny