Greetings to club members, Friends of the KCRA and fellow HAM’s!

This month is the KCRA’s annual Field day!  We will be participating in this event along with thousands of other amateurs around the US.  In preparation of this event, we will be discussing it during this month’s club meeting.  
This year the Club is 45 years old, and we will be having a BBQ during Field Day to celebrate!  We are looking for volunteers to assist in setting up and helping with the BBQ during Field Day.  Look on the WEB site for more information.
Last month’s meeting, John KB2RIF, gave a lecture on the ‘Magic Band’, 6 meters.  We will be putting that information to good use during this month’s Field day!   The satellite planning committee, Charlie, KC2PED and Joe N2TEE, are getting ready to set up a first-class station for Field day.  The radio will be operational depending on the timing of a pass and the weather.
May 17-19, members of the Club took a trip to the Dayton Ohio Hamvention!  We had a great time, found lots of bargains, and talked to a lot of interesting people!  Our hospitality suite (table) was in the outdoor flea market, handing out cold beverages to members and friends that stopped by.
The FREE Technician class Email lessons have started. Look at our WEB site for more information, where to get the book and how to sign up.  The second day of class we will hold a free Technician test for those that attended the class. 
73’ KB2PSI, Vinny