Greetings and Salutations,

I would like to wish all members of the KCRA a very Happy and Healthy New Year.   I hope 2010 will be a prosperous year for all of us. I promise that the officers of the club will continue to work diligently to make each and every meeting an exciting event. 

We hope to secure speakers for most of the meeting dates. We also would like to schedule more “how-to” meetings where we will discuss building equipment, setting up stations, familiarizing members with echo link, kit building, etc. We would also like to incorporate a new KCRA tradition of having one meeting dedicated as a members’ night each year. It will be a night where members of the club are encouraged to bring radios & equipment that they enjoy using. This will give everyone an opportunity to become more familiar with one another and also get a chance to check out different types of equipment that they may not have necessarily used in the past.   If anyone has any suggestions as far as meeting topics, guest speakers, etc, please feel free to let us know via email or at the meeting.


   In the coming year we will enter a couple of contests.  We will try doing VHF - UHF Contest again, and continue to have our annual Field day at St. John’s University. We will also try participating in an HF Contest.   

   I would like to thank Vice President N2BMU - Mike Patino, Secretary KB2MQT - Hy Melamed , Treasurer KB2NYF - Felicia Mattera, Membership Chair person W2DON - Don LaSala, Educational Chair person - Vincent Mattera , and Technical Chair person KB2BSL - Gary Lindtner. They all have done an outstanding job for our club, and I would like to thank them all for a job that was well done.
   As president, I will do the best that I can to make this year a total success in more ways than one.   I will continue with the code practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after the Monday night club net and after the traffic net.
   If you are a club member and have something you would like to present at one of our meetings please feel free to let one of the club officers know and they will arrange for it to happen. Thank you for reading this letter and I will see you all at our next meeting . Seven-Three from  Harvey - kb2ea.

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