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There are some great ham radio equipment sales and discounts out there, and I have compiled a small list of some of the best bargains around.
Act quick, radio dealers are well known to change prices on a whim.


First up, R&L has the very capable Alinco DJ-G7T tri band HT (2m, 70cm, 23cm) for only $249. This is a full duplex capable radio with excellent audio quality (a little short on audio quantity though!), cross band repeat, IPX7, and includes a drop in charger.
I purchased one at Dayton a few years ago, and consider it my favorite HT! This is an unbelievable deal.


Next we have Universal with the Icom ID-1 23cm D-Star data capable radio for $849.95.
This is a fine high quality rig, with excellent audio, built in USB and Ethernet interfaces. I have two of them.


Giga Parts has the IC-92AD for $489.99. This is Icom's top of the line D-Star HT. HRO did have this for a few dollars less during their "Black Friday" sale that is now over.
I have seen this radio sell for more USED!
They also have the 80AD for $399



Universal has some Yaesu FT-450's left for as little as $599.98 If you were looking for a low cost HF rig (it also includes 6m), you may want to grab this before it's gone.

There were even more deals last week, but I was unable to compile a "Black Friday" list.
If you know of any other good deals, post them in the comments section below.

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