Technical Chairperson

Many of you are wondering what we are doing to enhance the usability and feature set of our repeater systems, here is a rundown.

KC2RA – 146.430 2m Analog

We are painfully aware that many of you are experiencing trouble using this machine. Last year our main repeater developed a problem in its receiver, we then switched to our backup repeater. This repeater is admittedly not as good. We are continuously looking for ways to improve performance. On April 3rd Jim, KC2LEB; Vinny, KB2PSI; and myself put in a day’s work and installed a new antenna at the site. It was hoped this antenna would perform a bit better than our current 30+ year old one, this was not the case, and last weekend I switched the antenna back to the old trusty one. Also last year the club received a donation of a Motorola MSF repeater. Jim, KC2LEB has spent a lot of time and worked very hard to get this repeater working on our frequency. Jims lab work is done, and the repeater will be moved to our site within the next few weeks. Next time you see Jim, please take a moment to thank him for his hard work and dedication. After the new machine is in place and working, the board will order our new fully loaded Arcom RC-210 controller.

KC2RA – Echolink/IRLP

On Saturday April 9th, the remote base Echolink node that has been hosted at my home for the past few years failed. Apparently a filter cap in the PC’s power supply decided it had enough and popped. This seems to have sent a ripple to the computers motherboard and damaged several components. The IC-2400 radio that was connected to it is also acting a bit weird now. It will not be repaired as our Echo-IRLP project was set to replace it anyway.
On that subject, I am pleased to report that all parts needed to complete the project have been pledged and delivered. Again, please join me in thanking the following individuals for their donation and dedication to the club:

Tom De Lorenzo, KB2ORQ (IRLP interface board)
Gary Lindtner, KB2BSL (Computer motherboard & Case)
John Daniszewski, KC2UHA (Memory and USB Flash drive)
Mike Patino, N2BMU (Both Compact Flash cards)
Jon Hawkes (our newest member), K2TCW (Keyboard, Wire, Fan, Slot plate)
Felicia Mattera, KB2NYF (USB DVD drive)

We also received a few items donated to us from around the globe, and would like to thank those individuals as well. If you are interested in donating and getting involved with this project, please speak to any board member, I’m sure we can find a place for you. Stay tuned, the first special meeting to put this stuff together will be announced shortly.

WG2MSK – D-Star Digital

Our D-Star machine went live this past Saturday. At this time we have the only functioning D-Star repeater in the NLI area! Both range and community acceptance have outperformed expectations with confirmed HT coverage as far away as Aberdeen, NJ; Hasbrouck Heights, NJ; Ridgewood, Queens; The Bronx, Staten Island; Manhattan; and of course all over Brooklyn. Mobile radio coverage has been confirmed in Lynbrook Long Island. If you are interested in knowing who is using this machine, go to our website and click on “D-Star System Status”. This will pull various data from the repeater and present it to you in an easy to read format. However, it does occasionally miss a call sign or two.

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