Technical Chairperson

A few days ago work was being performed on a GE Master II repeater to replace the Motorola MSF-5000, that replaced a Harris radiophone system B,  which replaced Harris radiophone system A. Just when things were looking good for the GE system, serious problems developed and the repeater became unusable.

If your counting, that is 4 2m analog repeater systems in the last two years!

The amount of time spent by the technical committee repairing, replacing, and maintaining these systems has been considerable to say the least. The fix/break/fix/replace cycle has to end. The club needs a working analog 2m repeater, and the technical committee has spent more time fixing radio then playing radio!

The KCRA board agrees, we have had enough, time to purchase a brand new repeater system (The last two systems were donated to us) and get back on the air! This new repeater will utilize our Arcom RC-210 controller and finally get the Echolink/IRLP node that our members helped build last year up and running.

The club has enough money available to afford a medium grade new commercial system, but just barely. Without a doubt, this will place a serious strain on club finances, and leaves nothing left over should we find the need to replace the coax (something we should do), the antenna, refurbish the duplexer, or some other object.

If you can find it in your heart, and can afford to donate, please use the applet found below. Donations as little as $10 will be accepted via PayPal using your PayPal balance or credit card, your donation will be reflected in the applet. You may also use the comment fields to pledge an amount to be given in cash or check at the next club meeting. Those whom donate $100 or more will be known as "Platinum" donors and will have their Name, Call and donation amount reflected here, in a future article, and on a small plaque to be placed at the repeater site. Every penny raised will be used to provide the best repeater system we can afford.

Regardless of the amount raised, the club will be purchasing a new repeater system.

Platinum Donors:

Mike Patino, N2BMU $200.00

Gary Lindtner, KB2BSL $200.00

John Daniszewski, KC2UHA $150.00

Don La Sala, W2DON $100.00

Jonathan Hawkes, K2TCW $100.00

Robert M Winston, W2THU $100.00

Felicia Mattera, KB2NYF $40.00


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